Here is a list with 10 of the most common data science interview questions for junior positions. Interviewers usually focus on Statistics fundamentals and Machine Learning concepts.

Q1. What two parameters define a normal distribution?

Answer: It’s mean and it’s standard deviation.

Q2. What is One Hot Encoding?

Answer: The process to encode/transform data into an sparse vector in which one element is set…

For each character, the model looks up the embedding, runs the GRU one timestep with the embedding as input, and applies the dense layer to generate logits predicting the log-likelihood of the next character. ¹

Three years ago (back when teaching RNNs to generate text was cool) I had this idea of training a TensorFlow model with Harry Potter’s books. This project was on my list and it was hunting me.

This weekend I finally did it and also made a simple Streamlit app for…

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¿Existe una alternativa más rápida que un blog y más eficiente al largo plazo que pagar anuncios?

Es vacilón ponerse a ver como las marcas en Costa Rica se intentan acercar a los consumidores, muchas de sus estrategias se resumen en comprar nuestra atención, invierten millones de colones al año en anuncios que nos llegan por todo lado y nosotros de “repugnantes” intentamos consciente o inconscientemente no…

Santiago Víquez

Physicist turned data scientist. Creator of a Q&A card game to learn key data science concepts by playing.

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