Top 10 Junior Data Science Interview Questions & Answers

Here is a list with 10 of the most common data science interview questions for junior positions. Interviewers usually focus on Statistics fundamentals and Machine Learning concepts.

Q1. What two parameters define a normal distribution?

Q2. What is One Hot Encoding?

Card with question: what is one hot encoding and it’s answer

Q3. What is a residual?

Q4. Explain the basic concept random forest?

Q5. What is Dimensionality Reduction?

Q6. What does “random” means in the Random Forest term?

Q7. Give three techniques for handling missing values.

Q8. What is unsupervised learning?

Q9. What is R-Squared?

Card with question: what is R-squared and it’s answer

Q10. Why is naive bayes naive?

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Santiago Víquez

Physicist turned data scientist. Creator of a Q&A card game to learn key data science concepts by playing.